An NGO should always be transparent, as volunteers are a fundamental part in the process of the Organization, without them our projects wouldn’t be able to succeed. 

We are always looking forward to making the best of our resources in order to take advantage of the donations we receive and to provide recipients the biggest amount of income the possible. We provide you some data and documents that will help you understand our work and see how we make it possible.

For further information, don’t doubt and email us!

*data until 31.12.2015

152 kids attending school

52,646.96€ invested in projects

3,090 hs invested working

Since we started working in Idea Libre, in March 2014 until the closing in 2015 (31 st December) we have collected 52,646.96€ from which 22,050.41€ were invested in projects and 26,073.62€ were saved for the construction of the school in Chumvi in 2016.

All the funding has been reached privately, thanks to our partners, donations, corporate companies and specific sponsors, and the events and campaigns made in order to help Idea Libre.

Little by little we have been reaching more and more people and creating collaborator partners who are in charge of providing sustainable projects.

* All documents on this page are writen in spanish






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