Training Project

∴ Ongoing project / Since December 2015                  ⊕ Location: Isiolo, Kenya

TRAINING project

The value of learning

Why did we undertake this project?

Most people in Kenya find it hard to have access to education, especially to higher or particular studies. People who have a low source of income and cannot pay for the costs of these studies. Even worse is the case of women, whose access to education is even lower.  

Therefore, we launched this women empowerment Project, through which we will provide two women a proper primary education they would have never had access to by themselves.

The project

We are in change of providing two women, who live in low-income families, a proper education in order them to turn into primary school teachers. Thanks to this project, they would take advantage of this opportunity to get into the labor market.

We will finance their training for the CERTIFICATE IN EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT & EDUCATION (official certificate), which consists on intensive classes during children’s holiday time. This way, besides being academically qualified to work with kids, we will improve their work conditions due to the certificate owning.

personal de Bure Wazo School
importancia de la educación

Economic data

Estimated budget………………….. 1,200€

We are allowed to finance this  Project thanks to the donation of solidarity action from “RETO DE LOS TRABAJADORES DE OXFORD”.