Ongoing project

What we are DOING

The quantity of people who live in extreme poverty has dropped last years a 50%; from 1,900 million in 1990 to 836 millions in 2015. Even it is a good piece of news, we still need to work and help those 800 million people who live with less than 2$ a day.

Kids are the most damaged ones in this situation; they are the most vulnerable ones. What is the solution to this problem? We think EDUCATION is the only way to rise from poverty, to change a situation, to develop.

That is why we work to change this situation, making an effort wherever we can reach.

Do not forget the world is ours and also responsibility.

1000 million kids are poor

57 million kids cannot attend school yet. The 65 million kids, who can attend, do it starving.

6 million kids who are younger than 5 years old die for not having Access to basic resources every year

3 million kids die every year due to nutritional problems.

Bure Wazo School

This is a place where opportunities take place, where you can learn, where you can develop yourself… a school for 80 kids who are living an extreme poverty situation in one of the toughest areas in Kenya. Further reading…

Chumvi Project

Construction of a school in order to change the future of Chumvi’s children.

Official training for teachers in charge of Chumvi School.


Let’s help children. Every single collaboration is important. You can do it through different ways