About us


 “Everything happens for a reason, that’s something we are sure about and that is why when our heart tells us to take a step forward; we never stop listening to it”

First of all, we are SANDRA and MARÍA, two girls who faced a situation we couldn’t pretend it did not exist.

We are to standard people, as you are, with our routine, our fears, our insecurities… who just want all children in the world to be able to live a decent life, grow up healthy and have the opportunities we were provided.

Two people who try our best to approach the reality that affects everyone, even though it is miles away; then we ask you to face it!

IDEA LIBRE, non-profit organization enrolled in the National Association Register of Spain, Group 1, section 1, national number 605176, with social address in Madrid and the tax identification number G86986411.

We believe in equality and we always try to work as equals. Here nobody is better than others and nobody is more valued than others either.

Our main object is to show a situation that is often not taken into account due to our life styles. Helping all those “forgotten” kids in the world to have the opportunity to approach you.

We love to make things clear, the more the better. That is why all our managements are transparent and public, and if you need to know something… you just have to ask us.

How did the project start?

We had been thinking about volunteering for a long time, but due to a lack of time plus we were a bit scared we never managed to do it before.

Excitement was increasing and finally in January 2014 we decided we could not wait anymore. We had to do it.

We decided to volunteer in Morocco and work with kids between 0 and 6 years old. We began to doubt whether the information on the internet was real and those fears were preventing us from going. Fifteen days later we went there without knowing what we were going to find.

Once we arrived there Abdu and his family welcomed us and offered us to stay with them as long as we needed.

We went to the school during the mornings, where 30 different-aged kids stared at us excited to learn.

They always did the same at school, and resources and space were limited so we decided to work on it and we organized new activities to obtain some feedback. We will never forget the day we made some masks; they colored and played with them. They still played with them three days later.

Feelings were confusing, we felt happy for being able to share our belongings, which sometimes you think they are valueless, but they really appreciate them. Therefore, we realized how many things we could bring to make them happy and we weren’t aware at all.

On the other side, thinking about coming back to Spain leaving all that behind made us upset.

Consequently, always having those kids in mind, we decided to create Idea Libre, something transparent and close. The main idea is to collaborate: whoever, whatever and whenever they can is welcomed in order to try to make those kids’ life a little bit better.